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2016 Spring OC Section USTA Championships

2016-06-13林迪 Coach Di

🎾 Our 2016 USTA Spring Orange County Juvenile Team has won a great champions after nearly three months of hardworking. The competition, held every Saturday, including six singles and three doubles for each group, lasts for a long time. Our young members through a great workout and technology training, have learned how to fight, how to sustain, and how to teamwork, enhancing their  future tennis career and life. Among 5,000 young players who paticipated in the game, many of our members even got great rankings benefiting to enter the high school tennis team. Our 10, 12,14,16,18 years group members, have all successfully achieved very good results. Thank you all, and we are looking forward to see you again in the fall season.😀🎾




10 yr int team, champion of the finals



14 yr old Novice Team, champion of the finals



12 yr old Novice, the third place of Team II Finals



18 yr int team, the third place of the finals



12 yr int I, the third place of southern California



The Team"10 int III“, won the third place in the finals 



12 yr old Novice,  the third place in regular season 



10 yr olds,  second place for the Orange Ball finals



Heidi, 10-year friend of Coach Di,  main member of organization of  Southern California junior tennis tournament



2016 Coach Di 's Annual Tennis Carnival


2016-05-04林迪 Coach Di



2-3 pm:  King of the Court, Rip Your Face Off, Around the World, Jailbreak! 😀



3-3:30 pm  Coach Eliot's presentation. 



3:30-5pm  Jr team tennis  show.   (Daniel )



3:30-5pm  Jr team tennis show (Alfred) 



3:30-5pm Jr team tennis show (Fiona) 



3:30-5pm  Jr team tennis show (Brandon) 



Top young players participated in this event in May last year; Their performance is getting better this year.




 Harry ,14 years old, Ranking 5



Kerisa ,17 years old, Ranking 20

Charles ,17 years old, Ranking 10



Michelle, 15 years old,  Ranking 8



Coaches participate in the Tennis Carnival are:


Coach John

Coach Ali

Coach jol

Coach Sepandar

Coach Andy

Every 48 oarticipants will have their own T- shirt

I love tennis

我们还有幸请到了世界日报,侨报,微尔湾,环球通讯社的新闻媒体记者前来采访,我们有提供这次明星表演赛奖杯的房地产专家孙晶先生,我们还要感谢我们自己的队伍北部军团赞助了$200,期间还有抽奖活动,奖品现在保密哦,我们还有义工的大力帮助,他们是:Andy,Ada, Lynn, 汤俊,等……



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